Center of Emergency Response Technologies , Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science , University of California, Irvine

I-Sensorium Projects


SATware is a multimodal sensor data stream querying, analysis, and transformation middleware that aims at realizing a sentient system. SATware provides applications with a semantically richer level of abstraction of the physical world compared to raw sensor streams, providing a flexible and powerful application development environment.


The CYPRESS (CYber Physical RESilliance and Sustainability) project explores techniques for dependability, resilience and sustainability in cyberphysical spaces. The project derives its name from the Cypress tree that represents durability and sustainability


The ASTERIX project is developing new technologies for ingesting, storing, managing, indexing, querying, analyzing, and subscribing to vast quantities of semi-structured information.

Projects Utilizing I-Sensorium


Interactive Graphics and Visualization Project explores such research topics as computational geometry, interactive collaborative video, visual navigation, content, display, and image processing.

Vision group @ UCI

The Computational Vision Project at UC Irvine studies computational vision, seeking to understand both the information processing capabilities of biological visual systems and develop computer vision systems. We are interested theoretical questions as well as practical applications ranging from motion capture to biological image analysis.